Hi there. My name is Amy Cuevas Schroeder, and I’m on a mission to make peace with perimenopause (among other things). I founded Jumble & Flow to help me be brave, let go of perfection, and accept that pretty good is pretty great. By day, I work as a remote worker for a design-tech company, and the rest of the time, I’m a messy minimalist raising 4-year-old twin girls, one of whom has a rare syndrome called Pitt Hopkins. Back in the day, I founded an indie magazine for creative women called Venus, and after that I worked for Etsy, Minted, West Elm, NYLON, and more.

Jumble & Flow is a lifestyle and health brand that empowers grown-ass ladies.

This is me with Isabel (left) and Lydia (right).

Once I hit my early 40s, I began experiencing night sweats, sleep issues, and other annoying symptoms that are likely the result of perimenopause. I believe (er, hope) there’s an upside to this potentially decade-long extravaganza, and I’m determined to find it. Join me in my adventures to get to the bottom of this often misunderstood condition; I’ll try a host of remedies, talk with doctors and health specialists, and connect with other women going through the same conundrums.

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